About Us

“Hated” is a brand new art Clothing apparel, that is created from a legendary Greek rapper most known as “Hatemost”.

Hated has a Unique personality and the freedom to create everything that you desire.

We dress all ages, and the plan is to expand more and more about our designs in the future.

We started as a small business based in Athens (Greece), and we want to travel with our customers with our vision and philosophy around the globe.

The customer is the key for us, and we always get inspired by all of you, that’s why we don’t use professional models to present our clothes, but we prefer all of you for the presentation of our clothes.

The baby brand that grows inside Hated, is “Mickey n Mallory”, that rebelous unisex brand wants to remix the classic clothes with the everyday life.

Mickey and Mallory will reveal their secrets slowly to the audience, it’s going to be a gang soon.

We are fresh, we are here, we came to stay, and we are ready to travel with you and share our gifts.

Always with respect to the planet.

We want everyone to be able to wear our brands, that’s why we will always keep our prices friendly.

If you wear our brands YOU are an artist, and the artists are the ones that stand up for World Peace, and can change the world.

You are one of us, you are an artist.

Take the next trip around the sun with us.

You are hated, and you know it.


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